10 independent bookshops pick their favourite signs


Chalkboard masterpieces, canine welcomers and inspiring messages - 10 independent bookshops share their favourite bookshop signs, in-store and outside. 

1. Travelling Through ..., London


"Simon Frank and Margit Mulder had the book launch of their children’s book Hairy Scary’s Bad Day here. They brought along this ‘It’s OK to be YOU’ poster that’s been on our door ever since. And it brings in people almost every day expressing how encouraging they find it, or how they say this to their friends all the time!"

2. Red Lion Books, Essex

"There was his notice we put in the window while our signage was being replaced last year  caused quite a bit of comment!"

3. Village Books, Dulwich 


"First photo = our favourite sign ever, our customers love it!
Second photo = why they like us so much!"

4. The Alligator's Mouth, Surrey


"We've had a lot of fun playing with chalks on our A-board. Mark has used the board to create child-appropriate tributes to David Bowie and Prince. Tony likes to pick out quotes from books he's reading, recently including a few choice words from 'The Witch's Boy' by Kelly Barnhill: 'A word, after all, is a kind of magic. It locks the substance of a thing in sound or symbol and affixes it to the ear, or paper, or stone. Words call the world into being. That's power indeed'."

5. Owl & Pyramid, Devon

"​My favourite sign is usually the one that I've got at the moment. Right now mine says "A book can take you to another time and place- a bit like a tardis really" I'm a big doctor who fan."

6. MadHatterBooks, Burford & Wantage Oxon

7. Alan Hannas Bookshop, Ireland

"It turned a lot of heads, the artist was the ever talented Fabio Rosati, who's book Misneach will be out at some point in the future."

8.  Alef Bookstores, London

9. Haslemere Bookshop, Surrey

"Unfortunately we don’t have pictures but when our previous owner was in his 90s a rumour went round town that he had died. We wrote “not dead yet” on our sign which amused the town folk.

Last Christmas we had a sign saying “Give books not socks” which got over 60 likes on our Facebook page but accidently started a war with the sock retailers of Haslemere..."

10. The Bookshop Kibworth, Leicestershire