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Station Eleven

Author : Emily St. John Mandel


Rossiter Books

Address: The Corn Exchange,Ross-on-Wye,HR9 5HL



Although the premise is a dystopian science fiction novel, Station Eleven is a character driven plot. The book switches back and forth between several narrators, both before and after society crumbles due to the onset of a massive flu epidemic. The characters’ lives all intertwine in some way or another, some straight away, others not until the climax of the book, but all their lives seem to have been affected by the movie star Arthur Leander, whose death marks the beginning of each of their journeys. The dystopian element of the book provides a background upon which each individual is shaped, rather than being the driving force of the plot, so if you’re not a fan of science fiction or dystopia, it really doesn’t matter because this is a book about people and how their lives interconnect in a world without modern connections.