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All Grown Up

Author : Jami Attenberg


IndieBound Staff

A book to break down stereotypes, Andrea Bern is 39 years old, childless and navigating through life in New York City as a single woman. All Grown Up tells the truth – a story to show that there doesn’t have to be one “happy ending” for all women which is usually inaccurately described in films, television shows and books. The narrative style is untraditional, told in short episodes throughout Andrea’s life with a strong family theme dispersed throughout. This book is an emotional, honest and raw look at what society tells women to be and that it’s okay to live your life on your own terms. I adored this book and gulped it down in one sitting – the writing is so sharp with many, many laugh-out-loud moments. When I finished it, I wanted to open it up and read it all over again. - Kara, IndieBound