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I Don't Want to Go to School

Author : Stephanie Blake


Tales On Moon Lane

Address: Tales on Moon Lane Children's Bookshop,London,SE24 9JU



Author-illustrator Stephanie Blake returns with her new picture book, following the great successes of Poo Bum, Stupid Baby and A Deal’s a Deal. Her new story sees the return of lovable Simon the Super Rabbit, who is feeling anxious about starting school. Simon’s caution captures the familiar worries of a young child faced with the challenge of going to school for the very first time. Although Simon’s parents reassure Simon that school will be an exciting adventure and a new experience that he will enjoy, he repeatedly tells them that he is not going! However, after a full day playing, drawing, making music and making new friends, Simon’s Mum arrives and tells him that it’s time to go home. And what do you think Simon’s response is? “I’m not going!” ‘I Don’t Want to Go to School’ is a charming story told with such humour and illustrated with delightfully quirky illustrations, and it is sure to calm any ‘first day of school’ nerves.