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We Need New Names

Author : NoViolet Bulawayo


Rossiter Books

Address: 5 Church Street,Monmouth,NP25 3BX



“Then we are rushing, then we are running, then we are running and laughing, and laughing and laughing.” Running, we follow a group of children, with names as unlikely as their laughter, through the playground games and boring church sessions in the heart of “Paridise”. Among the beautiful houses of white people, Darling dreams of America. And when she sees the return of someone who’s become a stranger to her, all at once we see the country’s story emerge. Bulawayo brings a colourful world to life in the flowing pages of this book, using fantasic imagery and a stunning knowledge and memory to transport us back to her home country. This wonderful book was shortlisted for the 2013 Man Booker Prize and is as enlightening as it is fascinating, shedding light on a n often neglected country of Zimbabwe. This work of adult fiction is great to read alone or discuss, and would make a wonderful gift.