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Author : Richard Masson


West End Lane Books

Address: 277 West End Lane,London,NW6 1QS



Set in a harsh world where water comes as a rare commodity scratched from the ground, Boonie by Richard Masson tells of a small boy’s attempts to traverse the Dry Marshes and find his mother in the vast depths of the City. Meeting several peculiar characters on his journey, such as the old man whose sits by a tree with his mouth sewn shut, JD soon learns the ways of the wilds, and must use these skills to escape the likes of the Silver Men. A well thought through storyline, I personally like Boonie, although I think it is rather aiming too high when it comes to age range; Hot Key Press marking it as 12+. Boonie is, like many other Sci-Fi novels, set in the future, unsurprisingly in a post-apocalyptical world lacking the correct amount of that precious H2O. This predictability would be a letdown, if it wasn’t for the characters built up throughout the tale. Godrum, the old man alluded to earlier, is hardly a character found often in a book. As well as the characters, the book is a good way of getting young kids into a whole array of high-class prose. Boonie chimes of Science Fiction works such as ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ by Philip K. Dick, and the use of colloquialism when writing from the main character’s perspective could be an easing-in to the likes of ‘Kes’ by Barry Hines. Overall, Boonie is a good starter novel if you are just getting into the world of Sci-Fi, and is well worth picking off the shelf. Reviewed by Aleks Philips