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Campari for Breakfast

Author : Sara Crowe


Storytellers Inc

Address: 7 The Crescent,Lytham St Anne's,FY8 1SN



When I read that Sara Crowe’s Campari for Breakfast was reminiscent of one of my all-time favourite books, Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle I immediately requested a copy. It came promptly and the jacket was excellent and there was a lovely quote on the front from Tamsin Greig who is lovely and funny and probably likes the same sort of books I do when it comes to lovely, funny stories. It came and I didn’t read it immediately. In fact I left it almost a whole year. I re-read I Capture the Castle in that time, which was so wonderful all over again - it is the book I buy most often for friends. I daringly selected it for my Crossover bookclub (it is a risk to volunteer books close to your heart) and insisted my Mum read it - she loved it and noticed that Mortmain is another of those great eccentric men that I am so drawn to despite them being totally unbearable on some level. I used to think that I’d marry one, now I think I probably will become one myself (eccentric, not a man, but maybe in a crumpled tweed suit anyway). So the shadow of the Castle loomed when I started Campari for Breakfast but it quickly fell out of eye line because Sara Crowe’s novel is an absolute joy in its own right. Yes the comparison is useful; it’s about families and falling in love and writing. Our heroine, the tremendous Sue Bowl, is in love with brooding Icarus, her co-worker at The Toastie Café but it is his slightly less devastating brother Joe who is showing more interest in her. In between buttering toast and trying to live decadently she’s pouring all of her desperation for romance in to the period novel she’s writing and in support her doting Aunt Coral has started a creative writing group with the cast of colourful characters that share their crumbling mansion. The brilliant ensemble lead by the spectacular Sue make this book truly memorable and whilst there were no eccentric men for me to decadently fall in love with I was totally bewitched by Sue Bowl. I hear there is a sequel on its way and whilst I usually avoid demanding more of perfect books I will so glad to be back in her company later this year. I laughed out loud (especially during Brackencliffe) and beamed from ear to ear throughout