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You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine

Author : Alexandra Kleeman


IndieBound Staff

No, this isn’t a diet or fitness book (although I believe many fellow commuters thought it was) and I struggle to describe this bizarre book to people but I’ll do my best. Firstly, I would say that this book is a mix of Miranda July, Margaret Atwood and Tom and Jerry (the cat and mouse duo of course). It follows a woman only known as A, who lives with her roommate B, and her boyfriend C. A enjoys watching endless amounts of television, particularly for the Kandy Kake adverts (a Twinkie-like snack) which she obsesses over. Seemingly only surviving on oranges and popsicles, there is a twinning theme in the book in which B wants to be exactly like A which draws attention to A’s insecurities and need for belonging. You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine has a strong 90s-vibe and focuses on self-image, consumption, marketing, consumerism and individuality. This surreal story will stay with me for a long time and I’m excited by this new and fresh voice in literature. - Kara, IndieBound