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Author : Nicola Davies


Books & Ink Bookshop

Address: 6 North Street,Winchcombe,GL54 5LH



The story is set during a very dark and dreary time; everything is grey, the people seem grey, the streets dark and mean; nobody smiles. A young girl snatches a handbag from an older lady but in doing so she is compelled to make a promise which is to change her life and the world she lives in, forever. The handbag is full of little green acorns and she has promised to plant them, transforming the world from a grey and dreary one of misery to a happier place with colour and life and wonder. This is a simple and beautiful tale about looking after our planet, with illustrations which match the story perfectly. It's best described as a modern fable in picture book format and we would recommend it for ages 6+ (including much older children).