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Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991

Author : Orlando Figes


Rossiter Books

Address: 5 Church Street,Monmouth,NP25 3BX



You are probably thinking, when reading the title of this book, what I thought as well- it sounds like a weighty academic tome that belongs in a thick leather cover. After reading the first few pages, however, I was completely hooked. Figes skillfully guides the reader on a whistlestop tour of the Russian Revolution in a way that makes you wish fervently he’d been your school teacher, presebnting and exploring themes and evidence in a way that makes even the driest statistics interesting. Addressing the main questions of ‘What caused the Revolution?’, ‘Did it succeed or fail?’ and ‘Do we still live with the consequences?’, Figes’ down-to-earth and readable approach makes this book a must-have for any who are fascinated by our turbulent past, and how this momentous event still affects our day to day lives.