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War Girls

Author : Adele Geras


Tales On Moon Lane

Address: Tales on Moon Lane Children's Bookshop,London,SE24 9JU



War Girls is a wonderful collection of short stories that vividly brings to life the reality of World War One for young women at the time. These nine stories from the likes of Melvin Burgess, Anne Fine, Matt Whyman, Adele Geras and others all portray nine very different young women coming to terms with a world that has quickly become unrecognizable: through Merle we see the shocking reality of nursing on the front lines; a devastated woman with nothing left to do but defend her home during the Battle of Gallopli; Harriet, who is working for the first time at a teashop on The Strand against all societies previous expectations and Rowena finding the strength to entertain the troops despite her own heartbreak. Whether the stories are set amidst the devastating harshness of the front lines or in the relative peace of the British countryside the sense of loss as you read War Girls is overwhelming. A huge number of books are being published this year to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War One, but for me War Girls stands out for portraying an area of the war which is rarely touched upon. Reading stories of such bravery repeatedly moved me to tears and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to teens and adults alike.