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Narrow Road to the Deep North

Author : Richard Flanagan


Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights Ltd

Address: 14-15 John Street, Bath,Bath,BA1 2JL



Punchy and poetic, Richard Flanagan (author of Gould’s Book of Fish) takes us on a roller-coaster of torment and adulation through love and war in his latest novel. Submerged in the horror of a Japanese PoW camp on the infamous Death Railway, army surgeon Dorrigo Evans and his fellow Australian soldiers are tasked with laying train tracks between Burma and Thailand. Surrounded by disease and decay, Evans’ only hope of surviving with his sanity intact is to hold on tightly to the memories of the love he left behind. This is beautifully written, and the contrast between life at its best and worst is truly something to behold. This is so far removed from your usual WWII fiction, casting a whole new light on the depravity suffered during that time, and yet it is never without hope or affection. Evans is our broken protagonist, our man who contends with the sense of fraud that attaches itself to the title of ‘war hero’. He’s far from perfect, and I think that’s what makes him one of my favourite characters to have read for quite some time.