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Goodbye, Vitamin

Author : Rachel Khong


IndieBound Staff

Goodbye, Vitamin follows Ruth whose life is falling apart – her fiancé is leaving her for another woman, her career has stalled and her father has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Over Christmas, her mother begs her to stay home for a year and help her father. This is a diarised account of Ruth’s year at home and her quest to do everything in her power to help her dad, a previous professor, while his memory slowly declines. Her father gifts Ruth a book of notes he has kept since she was young and as we get a glimpse of their relationship over a number of years, the stark reality of the present is all the more overwhelming. This family and story tugged on my heartstrings, highlighting the complexities of families and the difficulty of coping with circumstances out of your control. - Kara, IndieBound