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Book & Kitchen

  26a Kings Gardens, London, NW6 4PX      020 3417 8266
 info@bookandkitchen.com |  www.bookandkitchen.com
 Tue-Sat 10am-6 pm, Sun 12pm-4pm

Book and Kitchen is a bookshop with a small cafe, art gallery and events space, hosting literary evenings, supper clubs, music nights and more. They opened their doors on All Saints Road in the spring of 2013, with the aim to combine the literary and culinary in a fresh and modern setting. Book and Kitchen is a neighbourhood bookshop integrated in the thriving local community, through the host of events and activities across all age groups and interests. Book and Kitchen isn’t just a retail space selling books.  It is also a social hub where people can flick through a second hand book over a coffee, enjoy a salad with a game of backgammon or get stuck into a random discussion with other visitors. They live by the motto Eat, Drink, Read, Talk.

Specially designed over two floors to have a welcoming environment in an informal setting – it feels more like an eclectic study than a shop. This is reflected in the books they stock (from fiction, non-fiction, philosophy through to cookery and children) which grows organically with the shop based on their interests and customer suggestions.

You can buy a piece of original art from one of the Book and Kitchen resident artists or choose from a great range of prints from artists such as Tor Freeman, Helen Hancocks, Caroline Binch, Sabrina Rowan-Hamilton and one off photography prints by Ben Buchanan and Alastair MacNaughton. There’s also a selection of decorative items – such as Melody Rose’s beautiful up-cycled ceramics and Peter Ibruegger mugs – which make great gift items.