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Love books? Love independent bookshops? Take part in a #bookshopcrawl!
We've succesfully organised Bookshop Crawls for the past five years and this year's one took place Saturday 16th June, the first day of Independent Bookshop Week.
Book lovers nationwide - bloggers, vloggers, booktubers, publishers, trade organisations, avid readers and all take part, visiting their local bookshops or sometimes even travelling to a new city/county to visit bookshops they hadn't before.

The IBW #bookshopcrawl is the perfect excuse (not that you need one, of course!) to grab your tote bag(s), stock up on books, chat to wonderful booksellers, eat cake (pit-stops are vital), and make friends along the way - all whilst supporting indie bookshops.

How to get involved:
1. Plan your route! Search for your closest bookshops on our bookshop search. 
2. Go solo, invite friends or tag along with fellow bookshop crawlers 
3. Meet great booksellers and join in with the IBW festivities
4. Buy books
5. Post about how great they are on social media, using #bookshopcrawl 

Don't forget your tote bags! See you at the bookshops.