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Independent Bookshop Week

Save the date: Independent Bookshop Week 2019 will take place 15 - 22 June.

IBW is part of the Books Are My Bag campaign and run by the Booksellers Association, and seeks to celebrate independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland.  We do this with events, celebrations, reading groups, storytelling, author signings, literary lunches and face painting! Your local bookshop will have their own way of celebrating, and we encourage you to visit to celebrate with them.

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"By far the best place to browse and buy a book is an independent bookshop. And a high street just isn't right without one. They rely on customers walking through the door rather than clicking on a screen and there's no nicer way to while away an hour or two deciding what to buy in these wonderful places." - Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

"Independent bookstores are literary heroes. They are staffed by booksellers who are articulate, enthusiastic and wildly passionate about reading, each of them ready to go far above and beyond what their job requires as a matter of course to ensure that they get their favourite stories into the hands of as many customers as possible. Their love and care helps create new generations of readers, and brings authors and their audiences together. They deserve to be celebrated every week of the year!" - Robin Stevens

"As an author, I can be struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration, rattle out an outline, marshal through a few hundred pages of narrative, spend three years bent to the drudgery of revision and, in so doing, create a little masterpiece. But none of that will matter if the product of my inspiration and effort never finds its audience. For a book to find its readership, it must first spark the interest of some initial reader who out of enthusiasm, whimsy, or compassion, feels compelled to pass the book along to a like-minded reader who, some days hence, will pass the back along to another. More often than not, this magical chain reaction begins with a reader who is in the employ of an independent bookstore. And that is why, as a reader and author, whenever I prepare to drink from a glass of wine, I raise it first to the booksellers of the world!"  - Amor Towles