Scribe offer: All the Ways to be Smart paperback POS materials


All the Ways to be Smart

All the Ways to be Smart paperback 
Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys
June 2019 * 9781911617877 * Paperback * £7.99
Shortlisted for the IBW Book Awards and available exclusively for independent bookshops this IBW
Scribe UK are offering 50 POS packs to celebrate!
Packs include:
- 2 A3 posters
- 40 postcards
- 20 pin badges
- 5 sticker sheets
- 50 colouring-in sheets
You could also add:
- Colourful bunting
- A collection of things children might be smart at: an easel, a globe, a microscope, a drama mask etc.
Please contact Sam Brown at Faber ( to request before 3 June.