Quarto - Authors Available for IBW events


The Quarto Group - Authors Available for Independent Bookshop Week Events
If you’re interested in an event with any of the authors listed below for IBW or otherwise, please contact Jessie Sullivan by the 30th April:
Jessie Sullivan
Senior Campaigns Manager at The Quarto Group
Sara Tasker – Hashtag Authentic
Location: West Yorkshire (willing to travel further out if audience size can be guaranteed)
Format: In conversation – Sara has done a host of events and brings in a guest each time for an in conversation with approach. Some former guests for her events have been Laura Jane Williams and Dolly Alderton.
Instagram is the fastest growing of all social media platforms, with 400 million monthly active users worldwide – half of whom are under the age of twenty-five. While some use the app as a personal networking tool, many also use it to build their creative business endeavours; whether in food and drink or fashion and lifestyle.

Sara Tasker has done just that, and since setting up her account whilst on maternity leave in 2013, has become an Instagram coach, iPhoneographer and social media influencer. Her chronicle of authentic everyday life and her mindful Me and Orla blog has developed into a business in which she provides access to free insta-tips, alongside some hugely popular paid for e-courses for independent creatives.

Hashtag Authentic draws on the lessons Sara has learned over the past five years to provide readers with tips, advice and guidance on how to turn their personal Instagram account into a profitable creative outlet. From visual storytelling and improving photography skills to archiving day-to-day life and changing the work/life balance, this book is both an inspiring manual and an interactive tool for finding an online voice, growing a tribe and becoming an influencer.
Adam Ferner – Think Differently
Location: London
Format:  A chaired event would work best - an interview or in conversation with
Using a unique, visual approach to explore philosophical concepts, Adam Ferner shows how philosophy is one of our best tools for responding to the challenges of the modern world.
From philosophical ‘people skills’ to ethical and moral questions about our lifestyle choices, philosophy teaches us to ask the right questions, even if it doesn’t necessarily hold all the answers. With 20 dip-in lessons from history’s great philosophers alongside today’s most pioneering thinkers, this book will guide you to think deeply and differently.
Adam Ferner has worked in academic philosophy both in France and the UK – but it’s philosophy outside the academy that he enjoys the most. In addition to his scholarly research, he writes regularly for The Philosophers’ Magazine and teaches in schools and youth centres in London.
Travis Elsborough – The Joy of Maps – Atlas of Unexpected/Atlas of Improbable Places
Location: London
Format: Illustrated talk
“For the armchair explorer this book is a must. ...filled with all things weird and wonderful, adventures, history, a pinch of science, all beautifully presented with some terrific photography and illustrations throughout. ...Truly magical. Extremely informative.”  
Travis Elborough presents a fascinating illustrated talk on the joy of maps, and the extraordinary and bizarre destinations to which they can lead us. Travis shares some of the obscure and unlikely discoveries included in his two books, spinning tales of human ingenuity and nature's own masterpieces, and musing on the power of unknown places, maps, and atlases to enchant and inspire us. 
Travis Elborough is an author and social commentator. His books include Traveller’s YearA London YearBeing A WriterA Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People’s InstitutionThe Bus We LovedThe Long Player GoodbyeAtlas of Improbable Places and Atlas of the Unexpected.  
Travis is a regular contributor to national print and broadcast media and has penned articles on all aspects of travel and culture, from pirates in the Caribbean to donkeys at the British seaside. Travis lives in London and has been described by The Guardian as ‘one of Britain's finest pop cultural historians’.  
Mary-Ann Ochota – Hidden Histories
Location: South East England
Availability: 19-22nd June
Format: Talk, Q&A, Panel, In Conversation with OR a walk & talk in the local area if featured in the book (Kent, Essex, Herts, Surrey)
This fascinating spotter’s guide to Britain’s historical landscape – what to see and how to decipher it – is rammed with intriguing nuggets.' Sunday Times

'A definitive classic field guide... Its scope is as magnificent as our countryside itself.' BBC Countryfile Magazine

'This book is perfect for anyone who’s travelled through the countryside, scratched their head, and thought, ‘what on earth is that thing?' Tony Robinson

For the times when you’re driving past a lumpy, bumpy field and you wonder what made the lumps and bumps; for when you’re walking between two lines of grand trees, wondering when and why they were planted; for when you see a brown heritage sign pointing to a ‘tumulus’ but you don’t know what to look for… Entertaining and factually rigorous, Hidden Histories will help you decipher the story of Britain's landscape through the features you can see around you.

Mary’s spotter’s guide arms the amateur explorer with the crucial information needed to ‘read’ the landscape and spot the human activities that have shaped our green and pleasant land. Photographs and diagrams point out specific details and typical examples to help the curious spotter ‘get their eye in’ and understand what they’re looking at, or looking for. Specially commissioned illustrations bring to life the processes that shaped the landscape (from medieval ploughing to Roman road building).  Stand-alone capsules explore interesting aspects of history (like the Highland Clearances or the coming of Christianity), and text boxes provide definitions of jargon or handy references as required (like a glossary of what different field names mean).  Each chapter culminates in a checklist of key details to look for, other things it might be, and gives details of where to find some of the best examples in Britain.
Sinclair McKay – Lady in the Cellar & Mile End Murder
Location: London
Format: Talk on Victorian Murders (his research process, why these specific murders caught his eye, how he tried to solve murders left unsolved for so long!) or In Conversation With
Sinclair McKay, bestselling author of The Secret Life of Bletchley Park, has gone back in time to re-investigate two bloody Victorian murders that became national sensations and one later puzzled Arthur Conan Doyle.

In 1860, an East End landlady was found in her house, hideously killed. There had been no forced entry; no theft; and no-one had been seen going in. But did the police investigation – and widespread prejudice - lead to the wrong man being hanged? Conan Doyle was baffled; and now, McKay has turned detective to solve a mystery that shines a light in Victorian London’s dark heart in The Mile End Murder.
Standing four storeys tall in an elegant Bloomsbury terrace, number 4, Euston Square was a well-kept, respectable boarding house, whose tenants felt themselves to be on the rise in Victorian London. But beneath this genteel veneer lay a murderous darkness. For on 9th May 1879, the body of a former resident, Matilda Hacker, was discovered by chance in the coal cellar. The ensuing investigation stripped bare the dark side of Victorian domesticity, and Sinclair explores in The Lady in the Cellar how this murder revealed violence, sex and scandal, and became the first celebrity case of the early tabloids.

Sinclair McKay has written several books on Bletchley Park and codebreaking as well as histories of Hammer films, James Bond films and rambling as a pastime.
David Hamilton – Family Foraging
Location: Somerset (happy to travel anywhere in SW)
Format: Activities he can bring to a bookshop event include wild food walks and cookery demos where participants can make dishes from things they have foraged. All he needs is a small park nearby.
David Hamilton has an incurable but thankfully mild obsession with edible plants. He is a forager, horticulturist and magazine journalist writing for titles such as the Guardian, BBC Gardener’s World, Grow your Own, Walk Magazine and Countryfile. He began teaching foraging courses in 2007 after years of experimenting with wild foods. He has a degree in food science and nutrition and a diploma sustainable horticulture. He has worked with organisations including the National Trust, the Eden Project and Bristol Botanic Gardens, and has appeared on numerous TV programmes foraging with the likes of Ben Fogle and Mary Berry.
Megan Hallett – The Happy Balance
Location: London
Format: Talks on eating for optimum hormone health and cycle syncing
Megan Hallett co-author of The Happy Balance is available for talks on eating for optimum hormone health and cycle syncing. No special equipment, London indies preferable but would consider further afield, minimum of 15 audience size, ticketed preferable but not essential. Megan is a nutrition and holistic health coach currently studying to be a nutritional therapist, wellness enthusiast, recipe developer and voice behind the blog Plant-Based Londoner. Megan’s recipes and writing have been featured on Hip & Healthy, Active in Style, Sheerluxe, Vegan Food and Living Magazine and The Feed Feed. https://www.plantbasedlondoner.com/
Brit Williams – Mind Body Bump
Location: London
Format: Talks/demos/workshops on keeping fit and healthy throughout pregnancy through her empowering prenatal strength training programme
Brit Williams author of Mind, Body, Bump is available for talks/demos on keeping fit and healthy throughout pregnancy through her empowering prenatal strength training programme. She can also share lifestyle advice for keeping healthy during pregnancy and tips on mental wellbeing. No special equipment, a small area for demos would be helpful, minimum of 15 audience size, ticketed preferable and London indies preferable (based in South West London) but would consider further afield.
Brit is one of London’s most sought-after personal trainers and feels passionately about motivating people to use exercise as a resource for an empowered life. While pregnant with her first child, Brit encountered endless conflicting advice about prenatal exercise. This experience struck Brit as confusing for women, particularly when hard scientific evidence has repeatedly confirmed that an active pregnancy results in a healthier mum and healthier baby both before and after childbirth. Having trained throughout her pregnancy and enjoyed movement as a means of physical and mental preparation for labour and motherhood, Brit is determined to share her pregnancy-positive message and unique strength training programme with expectant mothers. Prior to setting up Fit Brit Collective in 2016, Brit was a fitness journalist writing for some of the leading wellness and lifestyle publications in the UK and US. A bubbly Canadian, Brit now lives in South West London with her husband and daughter. http://fitbritcollective.com/
Anna Potter - The Flower Fix
Location: Sheffield mainly, but happy to travel to Leeds and Manchester.
Format: An exclusive hand-on workshop where 6–10 people can create their own bloom; with intro from the author who would then be on hand to demonstrate, offer guidance and share insight. Anna is happy to supply flowers, scissors, string etc. Due to the practical element of the event (and the need to buy and supply materials), the event would need to be ticketed to ensure audience.
Availability: 13th- 18th June
Anna Potter is a founder of Swallows & Damsons a Sheffield-based flower shop with a worldwide reach of over 180k followers on Instagram. Known for bringing an unexpected and uniquely wild feel to floristry, Anna moves beyond the confines of blooms in floral decoration, incorporating a wealth of natural products and curiosities.
The  Flower  Fix offers  a  unique  take  on  flower  arranging,  with 26 beautiful  projects  to inspire wellbeing in the home. Whether  you  are  looking  to  foster  creativity,  calm  and  soothe  the  mind,  or  bring  some energy   into   your   home,   there   is   a   project   for   you.
Ella Berthoud - The Art of Mindful Reading
Location: Sussex
Format: Short intro from author leading into a bibliotherapy workshop with discussions on the health/wellbeing benefits of books attendees read as children or are reading now; mini bibliotherapy sessions with each other (guided by Ella); passages taken from selected books (bookshop could contribute ideas here!) and talk about how to read them mindfully.
The Art of Mindful Reading (Leaping Hare Press) is a book all about the joys of reading. How mindful reading develops your emotional intelligence, de-stresses you and calms you, and how reading can become in itself a meditation. With helpful exercises, the book helps the reader to find new ways of reading, delving deeper into the text, experiencing flow in reading and sharing reading with others. Discover how you can read mindfully, and how this will impact on all areas of your life.
Ella Berthoud is a bibliotherapist at the School of Life, prescribing literary cures to readers everywhere. She is the co-author of The Novel Cure and The Story Cure, and read English literature at Cambridge university. Ella regularly gives talks on reading ailments and mindful reading at bookstores and festivals across the UK. She lives with her family in West Sussex.